Liquid line:
Pure (DM) Water and WFI preparation plants
Filtration System
Mixing and Storage Vessels
Syrup & Drop lines consist Of:
Washing, Filling, Capping, Labeling and Cartoning
Ampoule line consist of:
Washing, Sterile Tunnel, Filling, Blistering and Cartoning
Sterilizer (Dry Heat, Steam and Hot water)
Pure Steam Generator


Pharmaceutical Machineries:
Solid Lines:
Preparation and Material Handling System
Complete Tablet line consist of:
Granulation, Pressing, Coating, Blistering and Cartoning
Complete Capsule line consist of:
Granulation, Filling, Blistering and Cartoning

Semi Solid (Ointment) line consist of
Planetary Mixer, Tube Filling and Cartoning